About Bryce Rezentes

Get to know your photographer a little before you hire them!


Coffee and Photography, my daily activities (among reading and hundreds more). I am your friendly neighborhood photographer in Riverside County that travels the USA for all types of photography!

I started photography back in 2018 after quitting my job and haven't gone back since. I used to be a server at Pechanga and had spent over 5 years in the industry, but to become a full time photographer is truly amazing. What I loved about serving, was chatting with my guests (if I had the time). I had made tons of friends from the families that ate where I used to work but now I get to be your families photographer which is so much better!


My passion is commercial and product photography such like food, head shots for companies, drone shots for property, etc. I also really enjoy doing weddings as not only is that such an incredible and magical day, but when I'm hired, there is no better compliment than working with the bride and groom on their magical day! I am hired a ton for family shoots and portraits. My style is candid, outside or natural lit photography and I have not had a family be disappointed in their images yet and don't plan on it.

I am a big feeler, when I take your picture, I want you to see what I see, to feel the moment that you were just in or something similar. For example, a married couple gets their photos taken by me, looking each other in the eyes, holding their hands. Dad's hearing is bad and Mom's sight isn't as good, but in the photo I took of them, all they can remember is the 46 years of happy, laughing and loving marriage they have and the rest of their lives together.

I believe in being more than just your photographer and to leave behind more than just photos that you paid me to take, but something special, whether a moment shot together in an image you'll look at day in day out, or our experience together having you say, "wow, Bryce is a truly great (and funny) guy!" The first few families to hire me years ago still love to have me around today and I would really love to show you why!

As I can go on forever, I'll end with my strong and weak suit. My weakest being I do not think of myself as a professional photographer. Though I have been studying and practicing photography, Lightroom, Photoshop and other things around my area for a few years, what you see is what you get. I am not sure what makes a photographer a "professional." If I am one however, than I would like a reward for being blind to the fact!


Lastly, my strong suit. I continue to grow each and every single day. Not just as a person with the books I read, but with photography as it to me isn't about buying a camera, practicing a little bit and then pitching myself to hopefully make a few bucks, but to have families that invest their money with me happy; more than satisfied thinking that there really is a true, 'professional' photographer near me that cares more about me than the money I handed him.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading about me and hopefully you'll consider me as your photographer. I conveniently placed a button below for you to press (press it) to get in contact with me whether to inquire with me, ask me a question, or even just tell me what is on your mind!

If you won't have me as your photographer, I wish you the best and I'm sure I will bump into you one day!


Bryce Rezentes

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